Hi, I’m Karen, and welcome to my blog, VeganWealth! I’m currently living in Denmark (although I´m Norwegian, which I guess is practically the same)where I´m in the process of getting my Master´s Degree in architecture. Next to my love for my field of study, design and fashion, I´m really interested in `cooking` and in healthy living, but terrible at writing my ´recipes´down (which has been commented on more than once by family members and friends), thereby the birth of this blog;)

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, after having struggled with extreme fatigue and poor concentration (to name a few symptoms) for the last one-and-a-half year without having any idea to why I felt so poorly. Having been an active person since childhood, combining education with an active side interest in horses and show jumping from the age of 7 on-to 19, I suddenly felt utterly impaired and incapable of doing practically anything.

Putting my studies on hold for a while, and shifting the focus to my health, the journey to my recovery started when the neurologist who diagnosed my with CFS recommended I change my current diet, removing all processed foods, sugar, dairy, gluten and starch from my diet, and including more vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy fats (mainly from oily fish) and the occasional piece of fruit. The process and the progress since my diagnosis in 2008 has been slow, but I could feel my energy-levels rising even in the first couple of weeks after my first change of diet, and has since then become rather enthusiastic about the idea of healing myself with food.

Since my first change in diet on the advise from my physician´s, I´ve gone vegan; a life choice I feel has only strengthened my physical health and well-being, as well as it is a decision I stand by in relation to a personal interest in animal welfare and the health of the planet we live on.

Lately, I´ve been quite captivated by RAW Food, a practice and way of life that I truly feel has the power to, once and for all, restore my body towards a better health, and it´s also in the spirit of my new-found fascination for Rawfoodism that I started this blog, ( although I cannot promise that other subjects won´t pop-up from time to time either, like architecture and other things raw…)

Vegan or non-vegan; raw-fooder or not; I hope you´ll like it!



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  • hannah says:

    I love your blog and ALL you smoothie recipes are delicious, I wish you were still writing and sharing!

    • veganwealth says:

      Hi Hannah, and thank you so much for your sweet message:)! What a WAY to start the day! Thank you also for the compliments, I truly appreciate it:)

      The only reason I think that I can give you, is that I´ve been awfully busy working on my thesis this last year or so, and due to some rather severe illness to take me unaware last easter, the two put together sort of just left the time to blog to a nil. Maybe I will start up again sometime after the finalization of my thesis, I have not quite decided yet, right now my brain is set to A.T-mode (After Thesis), so nothing really happens before that;-)

      In the meantime,take care


  • hannah says:

    Ah, all the best to you Karen – I know what it’s like not to be able to conceptualise anything on the other side of a deadline! and I hope your health problems have cleared up!
    In the meantime I’ll keep enjoying your smoothies (it’s been a joy to find someone else who LOVES liquorice and adds it to EVERYTHING!) and I’m trying to build up the bravery to make almond milk kefir! (how many capsules do you use for say 500ml?)
    you take care too and good luck!
    h x

  • veganwealth says:

    Hi again Hannah, and thank you; I´ve completely recovered from the incident last easter:) It´s funny you should mention it, but it was actually the love of licorice that landed me in the hospital;-)

    Due to my chronic fatigue syndrome I had, for quite some time, rather liberally added licorice root extract to my meals with the hope that it would give me a much needed energy boost. What I didn´t know, though, was that the sheer amount of pure licorice extract that I was ingesting on a daily basis, was depleting the potassium levels in my body, which is really not something you would want. To make a long story short, I was, at the discovery of my extremely low potassium levels, hurried to the hospital with the overhanging danger being that I would go into cardiac arrest. So, no more licorice for me! Maybe I will try replacing the licorice with anise, which has got a similar taste, just without the potentially potassium-lowering ingredient;-)

    So note from me to you: Careful with the licorice!:)

    Hm, it´s been a really long time since I´ve made Almond Kefir, but I am pretty sure I used 2-3 capsules per 1 litre/1000ml of sweetened almond milk. So about 1-2 capsules?:)

    Have a great week!


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