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November 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

This project from architectural office AMID cero9* in Madrid, has got to be one of my  favorite pieces of speculative architecture so far…! The architects themselves has this to say about the project: (Biotechnology Techniques) “For the covering of the outer shell of the power plant we propose to use the growth of the living matter as a base in a grid of recycled polypropylene pallets, measuring five by ten feet and three inches thick. Each one has a structural box girder at the base containing the necessary subsoil to help the plants grow, attached mechanically to the reinforced concrete walls of the power station. In order to facilitate pruning and upkeep by the gardeners a perimeter pathway is cleared between the shell and the walls…a piece of landscape inside the city, totally covered with a membrane of roses, lights and honeysuckle shrouding and unifying them with a silhouette and a single common material…Like a real mountain, the membrane tries to attract the most important butterfly species, right on the southward migratory route on the American continent. And will provide a resting place for migrating birds and turn into an artificial alternative to the disappeared forests and wetlands…” 

I really hope that projects like this are not something that`ll just stay speculative, but that various government officials and the common public in general, will be open to and see the usefulness in clearing the way and find the funding that can bring life to architecture transcending the classical notion (of architecture).


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